3 Christmas Rap Albums You May Not Know About

Keep Tha C In The Center

AHMADD is a close friend and mentor of mine who is a veteran in Christian hip-hop.  This album is a reminder that Jesus should be in the center of Christmas. AHMADD points to Jesus in the rough times, he reminds us of the reason Jesus came, and to keep Christ in the center in the midst of our Christmas celebrations.  My favorite track on the album is “The Story” as AHMADD raps passionately about the the birth of Jesus and how he came to save us as he says “Man was severed from the Father so he stood between.  Matter of fact, he hung between heaven and earth to pay a price so we could be redeemed.”

Because of my personal relationship with AHMADD, I can tell you he is a great man of God and is filled with the Spirit.  He is also the founder of MovementUp as well as the pastor of the Methodist Children’s home in Waco, Texas.  Click below and purchase this album to support this local artist.

The Gift: A Christmas Compilation

Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii, and Derek Minor are just a few of the well known artists on this album.  Most of the album covers well known Christmas songs such as O’ Come All Ye Faithful, Joy To The World, and Silent Night.  Of all 3 Christmas albums on this list, this one has the least lyrical rap content as it displays a great amount of singing throughout.  This is definitely different than any 116 album I have heard to date, but I think this is an album the entire family can enjoy even if some of the family doesn’t really enjoy hip hop.  Enjoy it this Christmas by clicking below to sample or purchase. 

Gift Rap
The Cross Movement

This is the oldest album on the list.  I remember listening to this when I was in high school!  This album gives deep biblical and theological content and is centered on Jesus. My favorite track on the album is “Different Kind of Christmas” as It deals with real issues such as dealing with the death of a loved one at Christmas, and the hope of Jesus Christ even in the midst of death. A close second is “Wisemen” that gives a modern twist to the narrative of the wisemen traveling to see Jesus on the first Christmas night.  Check it out below! 

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